Redhead and Restyle

Whenever you’re absent it is hard to come up with a good reason for that when you come back, besides that life intervened. There is also motivation, drive… etc. I’m still here with blogger, still don’t like it… 😀 Ah well life! Right!
One day I will have my own website… One day… (And this day came! I am updating many things and couldn’t help to notice this depressing line! I was having so many issues with Blogger, Photobucket… But finally i am my own person! Feels so good and somehow memories of the problems are already fading away. I am still figuring many things out but I’m so excited!)
This look
I’d wear this around town (with different shoes) or out with these. And I did have a coat that day just didn’t get pictured, I’m not that reckless, it was just about +10C… 😀
I bought this cool harness bag at the beginning of the year and specifically for a concert last summer. I love how comfortable and versatile it is, not speaking about incredibly unique.
If you’re active online chances are there are people you’ve connected with. I wanted to write about this because the photos of this look where taken by the sweetest M who I met through writing yes online, Instagram to be exact! And the lovely Rebecca I went to the aforementioned concert with is also an online connection. (Thank you Instagram again!) Not to speak about a few others who had become very important to me and incredibly good friends. I’ve had more in common then many real life encounters! It is funny because you’d assume people would hide their true selves behind the safety of their account but the ones I’ve met have been the most honest, helpful and real. This of course not to say that the internet is not full of assholes, scammers and trolls, but so is real life am I right?
I’m sure you can relate. Tell me about your experience!

Do you have many strictly online friends you wish to meet in person or have you met them already?

Whats next?
I’ve been thinking what look to create next? Unfortunately I am not leaving town for any picturesque or warm destination (and anyway had I a chance I’d probably still be buried in snow somewhere in Europe hehe) but the Holidays are coming up! Would you like to see a going out look or more of a how I deal with winter look?
Longsleeve bodysuit: Missguided
Bodysuit: Asos
Trousers: Asos
Boots: Ash
Bag: Restyle.Pl
Lips: Giving Kat von D Everlasting lipstick another chance.
You can read a mini review here

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