The Day at the Museum

Some people say museums are not their thing… But History is mine therefore I love it. Seeing things that people have touched so many years ago is no short of amazing to me! Cloisters is a small one, containing a few stunning pieces of Medieval art. In addition to that there are beautful designer pieces displayed for a limited time. You can find out more at Heavenly Bodies and The Met Cloisters.

Some gowns were hard to photograph because of the glare and the dim lighting and some weren’t even allowed to be. A separate security guard reminded all not to! Bellow are some of my favorites.

Aside from Spiral Stairacses I also love stained glass windows and Cloisters had no shortage of that! There is something about the sunlight filtering through the colors, enchanting, beautiful! And it was a sunny day. On top of that the location could not be more perfect, it is surrounded by a Fort Tryon park with Hudson river views. It is also somehow so calm even though the busy streets of the city are so close by!

The area was known by the name Chquaesgeck by the local Lenape tribe, and was called Lange Bergh (Long Hill) by Dutch settlers until late in the 17th century. It was also the location of the Battle of Washington in the American revolutonary war. The Park was created when John D. Rockefeller Jr. bought a several estates in 1917 particularly for that purpose. He also purchased a parcel of land across the river just so the views would go unobstructed.  The mediaval art collection to be displayed in the museum was also acquired by the aforementioned philanropist. The museum’s buildings are a combination of medieval structures bought in Europe and reconstructed on-site stone-by-stone, and new buildings in the medieval style. In 1978 it’s been added to the national registry of Historic Places.

The Look

To be honest I was at a bit of a loss of what to wear. I felt really a tomboy but somehow any options I had where really not ocassion appropriate… But I also just wanted to be comfortable… Oh and add on the fact of it being much, much colder in the evenings than the day time. But when the right idea comes you just know it! Take it from RZK, black and red is a perfect combination!

You have no idea how comfortable I was! And I was against  fanny packs… 😀 Yes I know, no reason at all. It’s like you have arms and hands all to yourself but still the convenience of the easy to reach bag! I’ve got mine at Peach and Mango. And it is still avaible. Artificial leather but the quality looks very decent. The website is based in China, yet the shipping was much faster than I’ve anticipated. I had to add lots of holes to the belt to be even able to wear it on the hip and two more for the waist.

I was also a bit old fashioned so to speak at one point, but then my friend Nastia got to me. 😀 I wear sneakers with dresses all the time now. It’s still ladylike but also comfortable with a touch of relaxed badass.

What do you think of this look? Do you wear sneakers with dresses or heels with sport pants? How about museums, fun path time or kill me pls?

I am wearing:

Dress: Zara

Bag: Peach and Mango

Sneakers: Adiddas

Shades: 7even


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